אוצר מילים

The best way to learn vobaulary is to make lists of words that you read, or that you hear in a conversation or a movie, or when someone helps you translate a word you want to say from Hebrew to English.  The reason for this is that we remember things that are useful and meaningful.

The worst way to study is to memorize a random list of words.  But if you have seen the words before then it is okay since you will then recognize many words on the list.

On this site I have included flashcards for words that appear frequently in all of the bagrut exams.  I also have lists of academic words as well.

I also have lists of root words, prefixes and suffixes which you can study.  This is more advanced because once you know these words you can then guess what many English words mean without using a dictionary!


Suffixes and Parts of Speech

Greek and Latin Root Words